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Q: What does "item number" in the Diagnostics Results form correspond to?


1. If you have lots of systems, zones, plants, or whatever, and you are looking at them in diagnostics, it can be difficult to tell which is which. The item number control in the Diagnostic Results form refers to the order in which the items are listed in the diagnostics view.

For example, suppose your diagnostics view looks like this:






In diagnostic results, when you select item# 1, you will see the first item (in this case, zone) listed. So item#1 stands for ZONE7, and item#2 stands for ZONE 12, etc.

2. If you select item #0, it is like picking "variable" for item numbers. In other words, you would see all of the items (in this case, zones). In diagnostic results tables and graphs, zone#0 then refers to all the zones added together (or averaged in some cases), and zone#1 would refer to the first one listed (or ZONE7), etc.

3. If you select "variable" for scenarios, and look at, say, zone#1, that zone#1 may not correspond to the same zone in each of the scenarios. In our example, it should be ZONE7 in scenario1, but in scenario2 it could be ZONE3. For each scenario, you should look at the diagnostics listing to see what zone is listed first. We hope to remove this inconvenience soon.

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