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Q: How come my lighting demand is zero in the results screens but my lighting usage in the results screens is non-zero? How can you have usage if there was no demand?


All demand values that you see in MarketManager results are coincident demand for a given meter. That means that if your peak demand for a meter occurs when your lights are off, the demand for lighting that you see in Results screens will be zero, even though lighting itself may peak at 10 kW or so.

If for some reason, you want to track a piece of equipments actual (not coincident), then you can put the piece of equipment on a separate meter. (In any piece of equipments Detail Sub Form, there is a Data Field for Meter #.) You may also have to create another rate which will cover that meter exclusively.

However, if you have loadfactor rates, or tiered demand rates, splitting up a meters usage like this, can lead to incorrect dollar values. In most cases you are charged for coincident, not actual, demand.

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