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Q: Why doesnt the annual usage amount in an item\'s data form match the annual usage amount in summary results?

Chances are that in the rates view, you opened up an(some) energy charges item(s) to the bill data subform, and clicked on the "adjust to match bills" button. For each month, MarketManager will determine a factor (billed usage / calculated usage). For each month, MarketManager will then multiply the factor times calculated usage, and will present them in results tables, and in reports, but not in the data forms themselves. The discrepancy between the summary results and the data form that you saw was not an error, but rather, MarketManager performing as instructed.

If this is not the solution, then it is also possible that you changed the end use types on the "detail" subform (For example, you could have changed the cooling tower fan end use from "cooling" to "fan.")

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