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Q: Why would you want to billmatch?


There are times in which you are not able to get a good tuning (poor R2 value, poor Tstatistics, high mean bias, etc.), or don't want to tune, and just want to compare bills from some prior period to current bills, without any regression analysis. You can do so in Metrix by zeroing out your tuning (so that in effect your tuning equation = 0) and then billmatching all bills during the tuning period. For more information on this, see What do you do when you have a bad correlation to weather and other variables?

There are also cases in which there appear to be two relationships occurring for your particular meter. When the weather is hot (or cold) there may be an obvious relationship to weather, as evidenced by a great tuning for the bills that occur during the summer and crossover months. When the weather is cold (or hot), there may be no relationship at all, as evidenced by the remaining points bunched up at the x axis not on the fit line. In this case, the cold (or hot) months are deselected automatically by the degree day per day minimum threshold. Only these deselected points should be billmatched. The remaining points, that tuned well, should not be billmatched.

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