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Q: Why, if I schedule my lighting at different levels each weekday, are my internal gains the same for each weekday in diagnostics?


For energy calculation purposes, MarketManager averages across as many (or as few) daytypes as requested by the System Operating Modes (the scheduling input in the System form).

For example, if you set up weekday with 24-hours and weekend with occupied only, then the program will calculate internal gains separately for weekday and weekend day types. If you then scheduled lighting at 50% all day on Monday, and off for the rest of the week, MarketManager would treat this as if you had scheduled lighting on 10% for each weekday, and 0% for the weekend.

If you switch the scheduling to manual mode and attach 8 different schedules to the supply fan (1 for each daytype), then MarketManager will calculate internal gains separately for each daytype (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). In this case, MarketManager would treat this as if you had scheduled lighting on 50% for Monday, and 0% for the rest of the week.

In all cases, for whatever daytype or set of daytypes the calculation is done, that is the daytype or set thereof that internal gains will be averaged.

Now to the opposite extreme: If the system scheduling is set to work the same all week (e.g. occupied hours only), but lighting has different schedules for each day type, MarketManager will average lighting internal gains over all daytypes (weighted by # of days, of course).

Given the simplifications of weather (where we don't distinguish between Monday and Tuesday weather, etc.), the additional "accuracy" from doing separate calculations for each daytype is not really justified.

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